That Thing

Missional High School Event


At first glance, this word seems so simple and mundane, like a medium cup of coffee. Yet, better by nature is so much more. Approach it from this light: Our world is full of bests…Best Actress, Best Smile, Best Restaurant. The word best is capped, limited, and finite stating that there will never be a better version out there.

Spiritually speaking, our best will never be good enough. Hoping to do our best doesn’t get one into heaven; mankind simply cannot reach that high. But better – The word in itself is unlimited. Like our Father’s love for us, like infinity, you can only begin to approach better, but you never reach the end. To get better, we will endure trials, make sacrifices, struggle with discipline, and experience both joy and sorrow…but what waits on the other side, what the Lord has waiting for us, is better. Far greater than any dream or vision we could come up with on our own, God is about to take us somewhere better

That Thing 2015 Dates

• Session 1: June 14-19
• Session 2: June 21-26
• Session 3: June 28-July 3
• Session 4: July 5-10

Discover how living and leading in the shadow of the cross is going to help us approach something far greater than we thought possible: a better world, better communities, better schools, better churches, better days for us all.

Get ready for That Thing 2015…


Meet the That Thing 2015 Keynote Speakers:


Matt Laidlaw - Matt is the Director of Adult Life at Mars Hill in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a graduate of Kuyper College and Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, and has lived and studied in the Middle East. He serves as an adjunct instructor of Bible at a local college, leads camp, retreat, and pilgrimage experiences, and writes, teaches, and trains on ministry and theology. Matt began following Jesus while he was in high school, and has since been passionate about helping young people take the next step on their own spiritual journey.  Matt is a sports enthusiast, poor joke-teller, and food snob. Matt will be speaking Week 1.

Matt Orth - Matt lives in NC with his wife, his two daughters and a small army of dwarf goats and pygmy hedgehogs. He teaches regularly at Broad River Community Church, a church he helped plant in 2003 in a community filled with radiant people. Matt has served in church ministry for over 20 years in a variety of capacities, including Church Janitor, Youth Pastor, College Pastor, Itinerant Speaker, and Ministry Director of Crossroads Worldwide. Currently Matt spends his time writing, reading, teaching, traveling, gardening and potty training a toddler. Matt drinks Broad River Coffee. Matt will be speaking Week 2.

Matt Boyle - Matt was born and raised in Chicago, IL but has since moved down south. He is currently the senior pastor of Ecclesia Clear Lake Church in Houston, TX where he lives with his wonderful wife of seven years, Corrie, and their two awesomes kids Nyleigha (3) and Parker (1). Matt loves Jesus, meeting new people, sports, and lots of other things. Matt will be speaking Week 3.

Bryan Jones - Bryan has been the Director of Student Impact, the high school ministry of Willow Creek Community Church in Chicagoland, since 2007. He has a passion for teaching, discipleship, and evangelism and sees student ministry as a place where God can shape, grow, and call young men and women to play a part in building up His church for the rest of their lives.When Bryan was in high school, he had an encounter with God at a camp that led him to start an on-campus ministry at his school, which turned into a full-time call into ministry. As Bryan's life was changed at camp, it's his life's passion to travel and speak to teenagers at camps in hopes that God might hijack their life in the same way He did his. Bryan will be speaking Week 4.

Meet the That Thing 2015 Worship Band:


The Matt McCoy Band - We are so excited to welcome back The Matt McCoy Band to lead us in worship for That Thing 2015! The group is made up of four friends from Chicago who love God and love towrite music together. In 2012, they started traveling together to lead worship for youth conferences, camps and churches around the country. They love to meet new people, hear their stories, drink coffee, and worship with new friends.


UPROCK is a melting pot of dancers, musicians, actors and artists, an innovative performance and entertainment group. UPROCK's shows become a collision of music, technology, dance and creativity... blending all elements of the arts to create a unique, interactive story that assaults the senses, challenges the mind and changes the heart. UPROCK is a dynamic, diverse group of the industries finest dancers, choreographers, singers, actors and musicians, and we can't wait to have them back at That Thing this summer!

Group Tickets

Bring all the students from your local faith community and share a lodge with just the individuals you want to be in it. As their leader, you can completely customize the experience to exactly what your students and leaders need. [group ticket info]

Individual Tickets

For students who are coming from churches that aren't booking an entire lodge or who want a camp experience where everyone is new to each other, individual tickets are available. [individual ticket info]

Interested in volunteering as a counselor? [volunteer info]

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That Thing FAQ's - [here]

2015 Schedule - [here]

Event Location

Located at Epworth Forest Conference Center in North Webster, Indiana along the shore of Lake Webster.

How Far Is It?:

  • Indianapolis, IN– 160 miles, 2 hours, 45 minutes
  • South Bend, IN– 55 miles, 1 hour, 15 minutes
  • Ft. Wayne, IN– 45 miles, 55 minutes
  • Lafayette, IN– 115 miles, 2 hours, 35 minutes
  • Muncie, IN– 120 miles, 2 hours, 10 minutes
  • Chicago, IL– 135 miles, 2 hours, 40 minutes
  • Cincinnati, OH– 225 miles, 4 hours
  • Lansing, MI– 145 miles, 2 hours, 30 minutes


That Thing Leaders:

Check out these customizable group info packs! Download, edit, print and use as an easy way to keep your campers updated on all the camp info they need!

[Session 1] [Session 2] [Session 3] [Session 4]

Plus, click [here] for the 2015 Leader Event Book!

Introducing: BEYOND

That Thing 2015 will be offering an all-new, service-minded opportunity for students who are passionate about missions. Beyond is a chance for students to be the hands and feet of Christ while at camp. It is a time for us to go beyond ourselves, beyond our camp and beyond our own churches to reach others with the Love of Christ.

The 2015 Beyond opportunities include community carnivals, prepping meals for those in need, and Habitat for Humanity home builds. [Learn more here]